About Maple Avenue Dance

Talented Young Dancers

The Tradition Continues

Maple Avenue Dance prides itself in nurturing young students, and giving your young adults the confidence to reach their dreams. Over the years, Maple Avenue Dance has earned a well-deserved reputation for cultivating and developing talented young dancers through a program designed to teach our young and ambitious dancers the techniques and discipline necessary to hone and apply their natural talents. Maple Avenue Dance believes that dance is an art, and when respected, can take you as far as you want to go.Maple Avenue Dance is a safe haven, where children can enjoy themselves while finding a true love for dance.

Our faculty of distinguished dance professionals are a group of extremely talented instructors whose backgrounds provide students with a variety of artistic influences. MAD teachers will work individually and collectively with students to provide a strong technical foundation. Students learn to dance as never before and with a heightened sense of musicality. One of MAD’s main missions is to ensure that the traditions of dance and movement are sustained and carried on. We offer the best in traditional and contemporary training, and there is no better preparation for the aspiring dancer.

Experience our passion for dance in all of it’s forms at Maple Avenue Dance… where you want to be.